Sturdy Memorial Hospital: ARRL Affiliate for 25 Years!

Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC logoThe Sturdy Memorial Hospital received a plaque from ARRL commemorating 25 years of ARRL affiliation this week.

Presenting on behalf of the ARRL was Eastern Massachusetts Affiliated Club Coordinator Frank Murphy, N1DHW. John Benson, N1FLO, SMHARC President, accepted the award.

The Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC also celebrates its 25th anniversity as a radio club this year. It was formed in the aftermath of the devastating “Blizzard of ’78.”

SMHARC 25 Year ARRL Affiliation presentation

“Clubs play in integral role in the health and vibrancy of our hobby,” said Phil Temples, K9HI, Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Section Manager.

Temples added, “The Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC has distinguished itself time and time again as one of the premiere clubs in this section through its public service, its outstanding publicity of our hobby-service to the community, and its continuing affiliation with our national Amateur Radio organization.”

HSAS Raised to Orange

The Homeland Security Advisory Level has been raised to Orange in anticipation of negative activities associated with the US commencing military operations.Please ensure that your home and mobile stations are working properly by participating in weekly nets and occasional simplex nets. Please pay particular attention to your emergency power systems. As before, please carry your handheld radios whenever you can. Remember, you can serve best only when your family is safe and supplied properly. Please visit the DHS website , or the FEMA website, site for further information. Other information about our program can be found on our website,

My best to you and your family. 73,

Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
978.562.5662 Admin
978.389.0558 FAX/Secondary

Special Message from the ARES Leadership

***** Special Message from the ARES Leadership *****
***** Request Widest Dissemination *****

This is a special message from your leadership which we have delayed transmitting until after the President’s address this evening.

There are significant events which seem to be on everyone’s mind, and what we should do about it. War and any domestic ramifications will affect us first as citizens, then as ham radio operators. First, it is important to remember that we are not first responders, as that duty is remains with Fire, Police, and humanitarian professionals such as the American Red Cross. We may, however, be called upon to support those agencies at any time if they are faced with communication issues. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the federal government will require any extraordinary restrictions in our frequency bands, but we may have to sacrifice some of our UHF space as some of it is granted on a shared basis with the government. In view of the circumstances of a foreign war, and the raising of the domestic terrorist warning level to Orange, we are asking you accomplish three important activities as soon as you can.First, secure your home and family. Make sure you have food and water for at least three days for each of your family members. Plan on filling your car gas tanks when your car is about half full, instead of letting it get lower, etc. These are just a few of the many steps you can take to become better prepared for any possible impact on your community. You can learn about this and many other great suggestions on the FEMA website, on , or There are numerous pamphlets you can pull down for you and your family to read.

Next, make sure your home station is working well. Please remember that the dispersion of our members throughout our districts and the section could come in very handy during any failure of the communication infrastructure providing vital communication links. We now anticipate that hams will be most active as home relay stations as our movements may be restricted within our localities. An emergency can develop very quickly and without any notice. Please focus on your home station making sure it works well, and you have adequate alternative power resources. Then check your mobile station to ensure you can communicate on simplex frequencies properly. You may be needed while you are commuting to and from work, or running errands. Please carry your handheld units with you at all times when the level is raised to Orange, as we anticipate it will be sometime this week [we have been at Orange level since 3/17]. Finally, if the incident lasts for a while or there is a significant restoration element involved such as with the Red Cross, we may be needed to serve away from our homes. In that case, your prior preparations are key. Your technical and personal go-kits will need to be ready before, and not during the emergency. We will have some great information on our website to assist you in the next few days.

In the meantime, go about your lives as best you can. Your leadership has been working with RACES, the Commonwealth, and public service agencies such as the Red Cross to make sure we are ready as we can be for whatever may come along. We can be thought of as the 21st century New England patriots working in our proverbial fields with our proverbial muskets at the ready. We may or may not be asked to serve, but it is high honor to be trained and willing to do so. I speak for the ARES leadership when I say that we greatly appreciate your preparation and commitment.

Here is a brief summary of activities that are scheduled in the next few months. On Saturday, March 29, we will having another ARES workshop on Cape Cod, in Sandwich MA at the Oakridge School. It is just 10 minutes from the Sagamore Bridge, so consider joining us. We’ve updated the program to offer more field related activities, and to better dovetail with the League’s Emergency Communication Course offerings. So, if you’ve haven’t joined us yet, or it’s been a few years since you attended, please plan on joining us. Simply contact your DEC or me to indicate your interest to attend. There is plenty of room at the school, and of course, there is no charge except a
contribution for lunch.

We are also planning a follow on exercise to the February exercise on Saturday April 26. This exercise will allow continual practice of important skills, but will have more emphasis on local operations to allow us to hone skills of communicating with neighboring stations. Some inter-district comms will still be asked for as well, as well as the passing of some NTS traffic. A preliminary message will be released shortly.

We are about to enter the busy Public Service Event (PSE) season. Please consider volunteering for duty with some of these events, as they offer an opportunity to practice communicating in more difficult conditions, and under personal pressure. Its great preparation for any emergency event, particularly if you have little practice or experience. You’ll hear more on this email reflector and on our website.

On behalf of my staff, I wish you and your families the best in the coming months. If you have a service member deployed in a foreign theatre as I do, best wishes for their safety and swift return home. 73,

s/Michael P. Neilsen
Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
978.562.5662 Admin
978.389.0558 FAX/Secondary

Join the Fun! 2003 Walk for Hunger Communications

Walk For Hunger Start/Finish Line
KC1US writes:

Your skills are needed! Put that communications training you have received to good use at Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger. This will be the 35th event with radio operators playing a key role for many years. Last year over 42,000 walkers participated, raising a record 3.2 million dollars. This money funds in part emergency food programs at nearly 400 food pantries, kitchens and shelters throughout Massachusetts. More information about the walk itself or the food programs can be found at Our vital support is needed this year more than ever, due to the increased demand on these services.

Using two meter equipment, we will be in key areas tying together the over 1,500 volunteers with the Project Bread walk managers. With better weather coming, it will be a nice day to be outside, helping this worthwhile cause. Positions are available throughout the day along the twenty-mile route from Boston out to Newton and back. We need coordinator shadows, van communicators, operators with walking marshals and at checkpoints. All skill levels of hams are needed. Net control will be using the special event call sign of W4H.

To join in on the fun, you can sign up on line at the Crocker Public Service Group web site, send a message to or call me after 7:30PM at 781-275-3740.

Hiram Percy Maxim, Technical Awards

ARRL flagJean Wolfgang, WB3IOS writes:

“March 31 is the deadline for me to receive nominations for the Hiram Percy Maxim Award. These nominations must come through ARRL Section Managers. Section Managers may nominate a ham under 21 or others can send a nomination to you (SM) for your review. You will find complete information and a nomination form at We had many excellent candidates from last year. Please feel free to renominate those candidates again. We have saved their nomination information and it will only need updating, but you will have to email me concerning your intentions.

“March 31 is also the deadline for me to receive nominations for 3 Technical Awards. Complete information, including links to the nomination form, is found at . The nominations for the Technical awards can be sent directly to me. They do not need to go through the SM. However, I would appreciate if you would spread the word about the Technical awards.

“At this time we have 2 nominees for the Hiram Percy Maxim Award and 2 for the Technical Awards.

“Contact me if you have any questions.”

Jean Wolfgang, WB3IOS
ARRL Field & Educational Services

Nashoba Valley ARC Special Service Club Renewed

Nashoba Valley ARCI’m happy to report that the Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club has been officially renewed as a Special Service Club. Extraordinary clubs like NVARC actively pursue all aspects of Amateur Radio: new ham development and training; public relations; emergency communications; school club support; technical advancement; operating activities; annual reports, etc.

“Through the work of its members, [NVARC] is recognized for its continued efforts on behalf of Amateur Radio and services to its community.” said ARRL Club & Educational Correspondent Marjorie Bourgoin, KB1DCO in a March 1, 2003 letter to the EMA Section Manager, K9HI, Affiliated Clubs Coordinator, N1DHW, and New England Division Director, K1KI.

More information about Special Service Clubs can be found at

KB1ITK Takes Science Fair Prize

BARSJunior BARS member, Katherine KB1ITK took second prize at the John Glenn Middle School science fair for her experiment which asked the question: “How does the strength of a radio signal vary when the medium through which it passes and the signal’s frequency are changed?” —thanks, N1QVT

Updating the ARES Membership Database for Readiness

Hello to all…

Some time has passed since most of you submitted your contact and capabilities information. For many of you, that was well over a year ago. Please take a few mintues to submit any updated information since you filed your last application. It is very important that we get your current email address, as we are planning to migrate away from this site and set up new email address list later this year.How you do it is up to you. You can simply submit by return email pertinent updates to home address, email address, pager, cell phone, work phone, etc., brag, I mean, inform us of your changes in equipment, and if you have upgraded your license. We would also like to know what CCE courses you’ve completed or are working on. I prefer email, but you can fax or leave a voice mail 24/7 with your info at 978.389.0558.

Or, if it is more convenient for you, please use the updated EMa ARES application form in the “files” area of this website (Mass RAS Gen) to update any or all of the information requested on it.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your efforts. The leadership will be meeting next Saturday (3/15) to discuss, among other things, our membership and how to reach everybody during a crisis. I would like to have as fresh a list as possible for them.

One more request. When you submit your information, please send to putting the word “Update” in the subject area. This will allow my mail program to sort the responses from my other email. Please also copy your DEC and EC as well. Obviously, if we haven’t talked to you in a while, this is a great way to reintroduce yourself.

Thanking you again…73,

Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
Eastern Massachusetts
Section Emergency Coordinator

Terror Alert Level Lowered to Yellow

The HSAS Terror Alert Level was lowered to Yellow “Elevated” this afternoon. You may standdown from carrying a H/H if you so desire. Please press the button below to read the press release.Joint Statement of Attorney General John Ashcroft and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Office of the Press Secretary
February 27, 2003
For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Based on a review of intelligence and an assessment of threats by the intelligence community, the Attorney General in consultation with the Homeland Security Council has made the decision to return the threat level to an elevated risk of terrorist attack, or “yellow” level.

The decision to raise the threat level on February 7 was based on specific intelligence, corroborated by multiple intelligence sources, received and analyzed by the full intelligence community at the time. Today’s decision to lower the threat level was based on a careful review of how this specific intelligence has evolved and progressed over the past three weeks, as well as counter-terrorism actions we have taken to address specific aspects of the threat situation. Among the factors we considered was the passing of the time period in or around the end of the Hajj, a Muslim religious period ending mid-February 2003.

The lowering of the threat level is not a signal to government, law enforcement or citizens that the danger of a terrorist attack is passed. Returning to the elevated level of risk is only an indication that some of the extra protective measures enacted by government and the private sector may be reduced at this time.

We emphasize that the United States and its interests are still at a significant risk of terrorist attack. Detained al Qaeda operatives have informed U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials that al Qaeda will wait until it believes Americans are less vigilant and less prepared before it will strike again. For this reason, and for the safety and security of our nation, Americans must continue to be defiant and alert. We must always be prepared to respond to a significant risk of terrorist attacks.

The American people serve as our strongest defense against terrorism. We ask all citizens to be aware of any suspicious activity and to report it to local authorities or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The nation’s Homeland Security Advisory System provides a national framework to inform and facilitate the decisions of federal, state and local government as well as private individuals at home and at work. The system indicates protective measures commensurate with the current threat level to be taken to reduce the nation’s vulnerability to terrorist attack.

At the elevated risk level, significant security measures will remain in place at all federal agencies. Examples of these include:

A focus on critical facilities and vulnerabilities, with security and surveillance tailored to meet specific intelligence reports and security needs.
Continued increased surveillance.
Random inspections of passenger vehicles entering parking lots and restricted parking as necessary.
Continued coordination of emergency plans with state and federal jurisdictions and private sector partners.
One hundred percent identification check of personnel entering facilities.
Screening procedures remain in place for incoming office mail and other deliverables.

We thank all federal, state and local government and law enforcement officials, representatives of the private sector, and individual citizens for your patience and resolve. Know that your efforts are making a difference. And know, as well, that through our collective efforts, we send a signal to those who would do us harm that America stands alert, united, and prepared.

Taunton EMA, RACES Volunteers Honored

Taunton RACES VolunteersTaunton Mayor Ted Strojny and Richard (Rick) Ferreira the Director of the Taunton Emergency Management Agency presented a Certificate of Appreciation “In recognition of your professional and outstanding support and dedication to the Taunton Emergency Management Agency and the City of Taunton” to the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) volunteers at the City Council meeting of February 25th. The team members were then personally thanked by all the City of Taunton Council members.

—Whitman ARC Spectrum

Falmouth ARA Special Service Club Renewed

Falmouth ARAI’m happy to report that the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association has been officially renewed as a Special Service Club. Extraordinary clubs like FARA actively pursue all aspects of Amateur Radio: new ham development and training; public relations; emergency communications; school club support; technical advancement; operating activities; annual reports, etc.

“Through the work of its members, [the Falmouth Club] is recognized for its continued efforts on behalf of Amateur Radio and services to its community.” said ARRL Club & Educational Correspondent Marjorie Bourgoin, KB1DCO in a February 25, 2003 letter to the EMA Section Manager, K9HI, Affiliated Clubs Coordinator, N1DHW, and New England Division Director, K1KI.

More information about Special Service Clubs can be found at

SGL Site On-line

Massachusetts State HouseA new web site has been added under the family of web sites. Thanks to Shawn O’Donnell, K3HI, MA’s State Government Liaison, PRB-1 type material and other content has been placed under

This site’s reference material has already been utilized by one other non-MA group that is currently attempting to pass PRB-1 type legislation in their state.

[The MA State Government Liaison appointment is a “dual appointment” for both the EMA and WMA ARRL sections.]

Location of the 3/29 Workshop confirmed

Frank, WQ1O, DEC for Cape Cod/Islands, is reporting that the Oakridge School, Sandwich, MA, is available for our workshop. We’ll need to start as soon as we can after 0830 as we have to be completely out by 1500. Many thanks to W1RBF, for his assistance in securing the location. Directions will be available when we get closer to the date. Contact your DEC or W1MPN, if you would like to attend.

EMA Public Information Coordinator Resigns

ARRL bannerI received communication earlier this week from Ed Hennessy, N1PBA in which he tendered his resignation as the Eastern Mass. Public Information Coordinator. It is with regret that I accept Ed’s resignation. Ed and I go back many years to the time that he served faithfully as chair of the PR committee when I was president of the Boston ARC. I’ll miss Ed’s counsel in the public information realm.

Quoting from Ed’s letter:

“I have been honored to serve in this section with a great group of radio amateurs who have worked and continue to work hard to promote amateur radio within and beyond Eastern Massachusetts. I intend to stay active in amateur radio as much as possible, and it is my hope that in the future, should my situation allow, that I would again be considered for section appointments.”

On behalf of the EMA ARRL staff, I want to express my sincere thanks to Ed for all of his fine years of work in the PIC role.

Ed’s term as PIC will end on March 1, 2003.


Phil Temples, K9HI

Winter Storm Warning Continues for Portions of EMa

358 AM EST TUE FEB 18 2003




P – SEC Location During Mobilization

W1MPN writes at 12:22 pm ET:

Hello to all…

I will be co-located with Tom, N1CPE, in the Framingham bunker. Please pass traffic intended to for me the same way Tom described in his earlier email, except use the tactical identification “Eastern Mass” and my call W1MPN.

Please use the same procedures we just practiced a couple of weeks ago.1. Each town should guard the sector RACES repeater, and pass traffic on another agreed frequency (repeater or simplex). Look on the website under “Where am I” button to find your town and RACES/ARES frequency.

2. If no one is net control, please assume those duties until not needed or relieved by a RACES net control station.

3. Coordinate your group or other relay stations on your resource nets. Please move check-ins from the RACES/ARES repeater to your resource
frequency(ies). Use the ones you used for the exercise, as they are still up on the website for you to view.

4. Assist SKYWARN in any way you can with damage reports and wind/snow exceeding guidelines. In the case of Waltham net, make use of the MMRA
network to move your traffic. They are only too happy to help us.

Thanks for your help, and 73,

Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
Section Emergency Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts Section
Pager: 1-800-759-8888 PIN 1155084
Admin: w1mpn (symbol for at)
978-562-5662 Primary/Voice Mail
978-389-0558 FAX/ EFax Voice Mail