Governor Proclaims “Amateur Radio Week” in Massachusetts!

MA Amateur Radio Week 2011 ProclamationJust in time for Field Day–Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick has declared June 25-26, 2011 to be “Amateur Radio Week” in Massachusetts.

The Proclamation was signed at the Executive Chamber in Boston on June 15. The official document was awarded on June 21 to ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section Manager Phil Temples, K9HI who met wtih Bianca Hoffman in the Governor’s Office on Beacon Hill. Last year’s proclamation was secured through the diligent efforts of the Hampden County Radio Association in Western Massachusetts. (See <>.)

Several individuals worked to secure this year’s proclamation, according to Temples. “I want to acknowledge the work of our State Government Liaison, K3HI, along with effort by several club presidents–and in particular, one of our Local Government Liaisons, Hank McCarl, W4RIG of Gloucester,” remarked Temples. “Hank set up conversations with the office of the Senate Minority Leader–who is, coincidentally, a licensed amateur, and a member of the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association.” Temples added, “We hope also to secure a Senate Resolution honoring Amateur Radio before the start of Field Day.”

K9HI plans to tour with the official Proclamation throughout Eastern Massachusetts during the Field Day weekend.







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Volunteer Exams At Cape Ann ARA Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2011 logoDean Burgess, KB1PGH writes on CAARAmail list:

The Caara VE team will hold an FCC Amateur Radio license exam session at this year’s field day event site at the Fuller School in Gloucester. The VE session will be on Sunday June 26th, from 10 AM until noon.

If you are planning to take a test please bring two forms of ID. One must be a picture ID and the other your Social Secuity number. Please bring $15.00 as well for the FCC testing fee. You may reserve a spot by e-mailing CAARA VE team leader Bob Quinn, WV1A at bquinn32 at comcast dot net.

We will also welcome walk-ins as well if you want to become a ham or upgrade your license at the last minute.

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Governor Patrick Declares Massachusetts Amateur Radio Week

Members of the Hampden County Radio Association (HCRA) successfully campaigned a state legislator to obtain from Governor Deval Patrick’s office a proclamation of “Amateur Radio Week” coinciding with the 2010 annual ARRL Field Day event. The complete article including an electronic copy of the proclamation can be seen at the following links:

Special thanks to HCRA for their efforts and obtaining this proclamation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator   
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address:

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Gov. Patrick Declares Amateur Radio Week in MA

2010 Amateur Radio Week Proclamation in MAMembers of the Hampden County Radio Association successfully campaigned a state legislator to obtain from Governor Deval Patrick’s office a proclamation of “Amateur Radio Week” coinciding with the 2010 annual ARRL Field Day event.

According to HCRA’s Marty Bowen, W1MJB, the govenor’s proclamation was obtained through State Representative Angelo Puppolo. Bowen sent Puppolo an invitation to join the HCRA Field Day “in order to acquaint him with the HCRA and give him the opportunity to see amateur radio enthusiasts utilize ARRL field day to hone their emergency communication skills.” Several weeks later, Bowen received a phone call from Puppolo’s aide informing Bowen that the representative was unable to attend Field Day this year, but was interested in learning more about the HCRA and ARRL Field Day. During a series of e-mails and phone conversation with his Western Mass office, Bowen asked for Puppolo’s help in obtaining a proclamation from the Govenor Patrick “honoring the community and emergency communication service performed by Massachusetts amateur radio operators.”

The HCRA through Bowen was also successful in obtaining a citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives acknowledging the Hampden County Radio Association for their “voluntary contributions through emergency communications to the towns and cities in Hampden County.”

“It is a welcome reinforcement of the govenor’s proclamation and a timely acknowledgement that the Massachusetts legislature is aware of the important emergency communication services provided to the Commonwealth and the many non government emergency relief providers by the amateur radio operators of Massachusetts,” remarked Bowen.

Kudos to the HCRA and W1MJB for this achievement on behalf of all licensed amateurs in Massachusetts.


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2009 EMA Field Day Directory Now On-line

ARRL Field Day 2009 logoThe 10th Annual Eastern Massachusetts Field Day Directory contains some of the most comprehensive Field Day resource pages of its kind.

According to Bill Ricker, N1VUX, the section Field Day pages offer detailed information on individual field day club operations  as well as new features, like:

“OpenLayers /OpenStreetMaps zoom/pan widgets with a choice of base map. These are open source data (CC-BY-SA) maps. Thanks to OSM volunteers we even have a Mass Topo server linked, a welcome gift since the commercial topo sites are no longer linkable.

See and

“For a ‘before’ view compare the static map and TIGER map (Or turn off JavaScript temporarily — the new pages will revert when script is blocked, unlike Google on the ARRL HQ 2nd First Annual Locator.)

“We still have richer data, such as local landmark directions and site and club FD history, and links to multiple map sources and webpages for club and site,” adds Ricker.

“Clubs which are reactivating a previous Class A or F site can confirm to the EMA Directory by simply putting their pin in at the ARRL Locator – conveniently linked from our directory. I’ll pick that up and mark them confirmed. I would appreciate an email from new clubs in Class A or F, clubs with new sites, clubs whose details on their EMA directory need updating, or who are definitely not using the site they had last year. Email N1VUX.

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Amateur Radio Day Proclamation

FCC LogoI am pleased to announce that Governor Mitt Romney has declared June 28, 2003 “Amateur Radio Day” in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Governor Romney granted the proclamation today, in recognition of the more than 13,000 Massachusetts “Communications Volunteers” that give of their time and expertise in disaster situations and during public service events, statewide. Phil Temples – K9HI, asked that we request this proclamation of the Governor to coincide with Field Day 2003, our annual emergency preparedness exercise. [Please see picture of EMa leadership and State RACES Radio Officer accepting proclamation at the EMa Section Website.

I’d like to thank Phil for his encouragement and advice, Mike Neilsen – W1MPN for his input and data, Shawn O’Donnell – K3HI for his experience with Government Relations and Tom Kinahan – N1CPE forproviding a means to get the information into the Governor’s Office. We’d also like to sincerely thank Peter Judge, M.E.M.A. Public Information Officer, for delivering the request and press releases to the State House and Senator Cheryl Jacques for helping to push this proclamation through the proper channels. Congratulations to all those Massachusetts “Hams” that have worked very hard to give us the reputation that made this proclamation a reality. Enjoy your Field Day with a deserved sense of accomplishment!

Thanks and 73,

Jim Duarte – N1IV
ARRL Public Information Coordinator
Eastern Mass Section

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