“Beyond Tech-In-A-Day” License Prep & Refresher Course, Ipswich, Starts November 5, 2019

Beyond Tech-In-A-Day

Amateur Radio Technician (Element 2)

License Preparation and Refresher Course

Sponsored by: Ipswich Emergency Management.

Dates:  Five Tuesdays, November 5 / December 3

Times:  18:30 – 20:30 (6:30 – 8:30 PM).  Help will be available a half hour before and after each session.

Location:  Ipswich Town Hall, Downstairs Training Room / EOC.

25 Green Street
Ipswich, MA. 01938

Preregistration:  Recommended

Course Fee:  Free

Prerequisites:   No pre-study is required but we recommend you skim through the material.  Morse Code is no longer required for any Amateur Radio license. 

Required Class Textbook:  Gordon West’s 2018-2022 Technician Class Book (see below)

Exam sessions:  Offered at CAARA, Dec 8th or at NSRA, Dec 28th.  Exam costs: $15.  More information on request.

Contact:  Gardi Winchester II, KA1BTK

Phone: (978) 290-1720

Email: gardiw2@gmail.com

Additional Information:  IEM recommends that its members are licensed Amateur Radio Operators.  This course is intended to help prepare students to pass the Technician level (Element 2) exam to qualify for the license, and as a refresher course for currently licensed operators; to explore the concepts and privileges of the license grade.

The course will follow the Gordon West 2018-2022 Technician Class study manual available through the W5YI Group website:  https://www.w5yi.org/catalog_details.php?pid=79&sort=5

The course will be run as a combination “study group” with instruction by an experienced instructor.  Some homework; reading and studying may be necessary to get the best results from this course.  Printed handouts, presentations, and study materials will be provided.

W1BOF: Apollo Spacecraft Communications at Dan’s Tech Night, October 10, 2019

Dan Pedtke, KW2T, writes:

TechNight is tomorrow night, Thursday, October 10, at the usual time and place; 7:00PM at the Grady Research Building in Ayer.  See www.danstechnight.com for details and directions.

We have an unusually interesting program this month, with a rare guest speaker visiting us to discuss the technical aspects of the NASA Apollo spacecraft radio link.  George Whitehead, W1BOF, is one of the few remaining radio engineers who worked on the design of the Apollo mission communications radios. This the radio hardware that did the communications between earth and the spacecraft, including the video of man’s first step onto the moon.

George worked at North American Aviation in Downey, CA from 1962 to 1967. This was the prime contractor for the Apollo Command and Service module. He worked in the Apollo Communications Subsystem Group mainly on the telemetry part of the radio system, the part that sent spacecraft status and astronaut medical information back to mission command. But sitting next to him was the rest of the designers of the radio who did the other parts of the design. He got to know the system quite well. 

George will have some technical information for the projector, but it will be a technical discussion between George and I, where I’ll be asking him questions about the system.

And if you miss him here, he will be speaking at the [Nashoba Valley ARC] meeting one week later.

We’ll also talk a little about some progress on the radio.

Hope to see a good crowd for this one.


Volunteers Needed for Halloween Watch, Marlborough, October 31, 2019

Joe Reynolds, KA1GDQ, writes on the Algonquin ARC list:
As you know, Halloween Watch is around the corner.  I am going to need 15 volunteers (including a Net Control). 
School Minimum
Hihgh School 4
Middle School 3
Hildreth School * 2
Kane School 1
Richer School 1
Jaworek School 1
Bigalow School 1
Senior Center 1
If you are available, school watch is from 7pm – 11pm. We do this to help the school system out, who donates the cafes at the middle school for the Flea Market and the Library for our meetings.  The club saves a couple of grand a year or more by volunteering every year.  
Please email me with what school you would like to volunteer for.  If you want to be teamed up with another club member I will do my best to keep you and your buddy assigned at the same school if possible.  I need 4 for the High School, 3 for the Middle School and AT LEAST 1 for each of the others.  The Hildreth School should have 2 but we can bring it to one.  
Note:  The minimum means Locations at the school  have 3 in one vehicle can’t help.  However if your spouse wants to join you to keep you company, please have them come. 
Thank you very much 
Joe Reynolds

Important Correction to Eastern MA September 2019 Section News

Bruce D. Budinger, AB3BB, of Groton MA was incorrectly listed as a silent key in this month’s EMA section news. Apology to Bruce and his family for the error.

I am very sad to report that it was Brian Budinger, his brother who passed away. 

I will shortly distribute a corrected version of the September news. Any club or individual who has posted or distributed the September section news is requested to please post or re-distribute the corrected version in its place. 


ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Thomas D Walsh, K1TW

Barnstable ARC Exhibition at Harwich Cranberry Festival, September 14-15, 2019

The Barnstable Amateur Radio Club (BARC) conducted a highly successful public information effort at the Harwich Cranberry Festival September 14-15 in Harwich. The annual festival drew 150 exhibitors and over 7,000 participants. It featured crafts, music, and food.

BARC set up a special event station K1PBO at the festival entrance to promote Amateur Radio to greet festival attendees.  A large-screen television displayed locations contacted around the world. Magazines and other items were handed out to the public.

Many BARC members helped to make the event a success.  Al Ryan, WW1RF, served as event liaison while Mark Avery, N1ZPO, provided technical coordination. (Mark’s son, Charlie, and puppy Remi roped in many passers-by). Russ Apgar, K1RTA, provided the tower trailer while Mark Petruzzi, WA1EXA, Norm Cantin, WA1NLG, and Rob, Leiden, K1UI, handled the on-the-air communications.  WA1NLG and Mike Lobay, W1MLL, along with the on-the-air crew helped with the setup and tear down of the station.  The crew completed several hundred contacts, including over eighty in the WAE contest.  –Thanks, K1UI

Marine Lodge Supports Falmouth ARA Communications Trailer Project

The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association has received a generous donation in support of their communications trailer project from Marine Lodge, the town’s Masonic Lodge. On October 3, 2019, Marine Lodge Master Erich F. Horgan and Lodge member Maxwell J. Weinfuss, KC1MAX, presented a $5,000 check to the FARA Board of Directors. The goal of the trailer project is to assemble a professional, self-contained, mobile communications platform that will be used to support emergency, and non-emergency, public safety and public service events.  [Full story]

Boston Chosen For 2020 USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships

The ARRL Amateur Radio Direction Finding Committee has approved a proposal for the 2020 USA ARDF Championships to be held near Boston on June 9-14, 2020. The actual site selections will be mapped by the New England Orienteering Club. The program will consist of the following activities:
* Sprint
* Foxoring
* Classic-2m
* Classic-80m
* Two days of practice followed by four days of competition
* A Saturday evening banquet
According to Charles Scharlau, NZ0I, “We would love to have youth ham-club members attend. […] We might be able to arrange for a youth training session prior to or during the practice days. Youth could also participate in the practices and competitions.”
Last year’s Championships were held near Raleigh, North Carolina.
[For more information on sprints and foxoring, see http://www.homingin.com/sprints.html.]

KB1OIQ: Linux In Your Hamshack at Algonquin ARC, October 10, 2019

Algonquin ARC logoThe Algonquin Amateur Radio Club meeting on October 10, 2019 features Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ, who will present on “Linux In Your Hamshack.” Linux fans will be interested in Andy’s Ham Radio Linux, a popular software collection he created for amateur radio users.

The AARC meetings are held at 7:30 PM in the library of the 1st Lt. Charles W. Whitcomb Middle School in Marlborough, 25 Union Avenue. Use Door #1 at rear of building.

Flea at MIT, October 20, 2019

1964 Gemini BP CM for sale at MIT Flea.
The 1964 Gemini BP CM #MSC 312 capsule for sale at an M.I.T. Flea for $65,000. Now you just need a rocket.

Steve Finberg, W1GSL, writes:

The October FLEA at MIT is Sunday, October 20, 2019.    Also known as SWAPFEST it is held in MIT’s Albany Street garage near the corner of Albany and Main Street in Cambridge.

It features high-tech goodies such as electronics, computers and ham radio. “All things nerdly.”  
 We have had real Enigma machines to a NASA Gemini space craft  show up.
It starts at 9 AM for buyers and runs till 2 PM,  be early for the  good stuff.
All vendors are in the covered garage, which makes a weatherproof event.
Its not too late to be a seller; we usually have space for gate admissions. See our site for details and maps.     http://swapfest.us