KM1CC QRV for International Marconi Day, April 24, 2021

photo of MarconiThe Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club  writes on Facebook:
[The Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club – KM1CC] is participating in International Marconi Day, Saturday April 24, 2021. This event is sponsored by the Cornish Radio Amateur Club. “The purpose of the day is for amateur radio enthusiasts from around the world to make contact with historic Marconi sites using communication techniques similar to those used by Marconi himself.”
KM1CC CW operations will be set up at the historic Marconi Station Site – rare grid FN51. SSB ops will be from a home station in Wellfleet also in FN51. Check back for operating/band info.
Follow the link to see other registered Marconi Stations.

KM1CC On the Air for the 118th Anniversary of the First USA-UK Wireless Transmission, January 18, 2021

The Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club, KM1CC, will be on the air on January 18, 2021 to commemorate the 118th anniversary of the very first United States-to-United Kingdom wireless transmission. Check for spots/frequencies as well as our KM1CC – Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club Facebook page.
(All times are UTC)
0000-0100 Slow Speed CW 80M & 160M
0100-0400 CW 40M, 80M & 160M
1100-2359 CW 20M, 30M, 40M, 80M & 160M
0000-0400 SSB 80M.
1300 -1500 SSB 17 or 20M
1500- 2359 SSB 40M, 80M
Note: Operators will switch bands if conditions are poor. Check for spots. (Just doing the best we can to be on the air during Covid-19.)

New England Wireless & Steam Museum Yankee Steam-up Special Events Operation

Massie Wireless Station "PJ"
Massie Wireless Station “PJ”

A special events operation from the New England Wireless and Steam Museum’s Yankee Steam-up will take place on October 3, 2020 from 1300-2000Z.  Look for N1EPJ on the following frequencies: 3.558, 14.058, 7.25, 14.258. QSL to: Massie Wireless Club, N1EPJ, PO Box 883, East Greenwich, RI 02818.

From the N1EPJ QRZ page:

The station was built in Point Judith, Rhode Island, in 1907 and is the oldest surviving working wireless station in the world. It is now part of the New England Wireless and Steam Museum.

The Massie Wireless Station provided communications to steamboats that traveled between New York City and New England cities. In 1983 the wireless station was moved to the New England Wireless and Steam Museum at 1300 Frenchtown Road in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, to avoid demolition. The wireless station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

The Massie Wireless Station is in the process of being re-activated with its new callsign, N1EPJ. The new callsign itself is significant as the station’s original callsign was “PJ” (Point Judith), which became the station’s nickname.


Yankee Steam-Up 2020 will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2020. Due to Covid-19 concerns, Steam-Up will be exclusively on our YouTube channel this year. We’d prefer to see you all in person, but we do hope this allows enthusiasts from all over the world access our wonderful collection for the first time.

We’ll be posting new videos leading up to October 3rd. Watch below or visit the museum’s YouTube channel. Please like and share with your friends. Check back often for more information or send us a message letting us know what you’d most like to see. Contact us.


International Marconi Day 2020 Cancelled

Marconi photoFrom ARRL Web:

The annual International Marconi Day (IMD) ham radio operating event that was set to take place on April 25 has been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The 24-hour amateur radio event celebrates the birth of Marconi on April 25, 1874. Sponsored by the Cornish Radio Amateur Club, which operates as GB4IMD, International Marconi Day features participating stations operating at sites having a personal connection to Marconi, including places where he set up transmitting and receiving stations.

Given the fact that the National Seashore is closed to the public, a “Marconi Event” on April  25 had been planned from the home of Barry, KB1TLE, along with several other home stations.   -thanks, Falmouth ARA


KM1CC to Commemorate Marconi’s First Transatlantic Wireless Transmission

KM1CC signThe Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club will conduct a special events operation on January 18-19, 2020, to commemorate Guglielmo Marconi’s First Wireless Transmission from the United States to the United Kingdom. 
KM1CC will operate voice on the 80, 40, and 20-meter amateur bands from a KM1CC member’s QTH near the original Marconi transmitting site in Wellfleet, grid square FN51av. Additionally, they will operate a second station at the National Park Service grounds in Wellfleet. A VHF/UHF mobile trailer station will operate 6 meters, 2 meters, 70 cm and possibly, 220 MHz with CW, FT8 and some SSB modes. All KM1CC ops should be on the air by 9 AM Saturday. The VHF/UHF operators will also participate in the ARRL January VHF Contest which begins at 2 PM. They will continue operating through Sunday as the contest continues. 
More operating times and QSL info will be on the www.KM1CC QRZ Page:

Special Event Station W1MGY to Commemorate 104th Anniversary of HMS Titanic Sinking

Special Events Station W1MGY, April 14, 2017
Special events operation in April, 2017. Photo courtesy @kathyschrock

Special events station W1MGY will operate at the old Coast Guard Station in Eastham on Cape Cod on April 13-14, 2019 to commemorate the tragic loss of the HMS Titanic.

Two stations will be set up and operated in approximately 4 hour shifts as follows:
  • Saturday April 13, 6:30 am- 10:00 am ; 10:00 am- 2:00 pm ; 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm ; 6:00 pm- 10:00 pm  (No operation over night)
  • Sunday April 14, 6:30 am – 10:00 am ; 10:00 am- 2:00 pm ; 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm ; 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm ; 10:00 pm – 1:27 am on 15th
“I’m going to start set up on Wednesday, April 10 at 12 noon and finish up on Friday morning if necessary,” reports Barry Hutchinson, KB1TLR. “Coffee and munchies will be available. Come and join the fun. The old station is a unique place to operate from. Pick a time slot or slots and email me your choices so that I may set up a roster.” KB1TLR adds, “If you are a CW operator, you will have to supply your own key.”
The station will be open to the public on Saturday from 1-4 pm.

This event is sponsored by the Titanic / Marconi Memorial Radio Association of Cape Cod and hosted by the Cape Cod National Seashore.

(Info via KB1TLR, W1MGY trustee, and Falmouth ARA)

KM1CC Marconi Birthday Special Event Operation, April 26-27, 2019

KM1CC signBill Kretschmer, N2KNL, writes on Facebook:

Hello fellow KM1CC friends:

We are seven weeks away from the next Marconi radio event celebrating Guglielmo Marconi’s birthday, April 25, 1874. The event will be held at the Cape Cod National Seashore, Coast Guard Station, Eastham, on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Visiting hours are 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Operating hours are Sat. 0000 UTC thru 2359 UTC. (8:00 PM Friday until 8:00 PM Saturday).

Proposed Operating Frequencies are.
80M …3.660-3.860 SSB / 3.535 CW
40M …7.130-7.260 SSB / 7.035 CW
30M …10.110 CW
20M …14.260 SSB / 14.035 CW
17M …18.160 SSB / 18.080 CW
15M …21.360 SSB / 21.035 CW
DMR …2 Meter Digital FM 4FSK , ID: 3125281
… and maybe FT8.

There will be an Extra class-licensed operator present for the entire on-air event. Most or all SSB contacts will be in the General class portions of the HF bands.

All are welcome to attend.

73, Bill Kretschmer, N2KNL
KM1CC Trustee

WCC ARA Celebrates RCA Centennial

WA1WCC QSL cardThe WCC Amateur Radio Association (WA1WCC) in Chatham will celebrate the centennial of the Radio Corporation of America throughout 2019. According to the organization’s web site, RCA was incorporated on October 17, 1919.  

“In November 1919, RCA acquired the assets of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, which then ceased doing business in the US. At the outset, RCA consisted of only five radio stations, in various stages of completion, and Chatham was one of them. Chatham would later become RCA’s flagship coastal station WCC, known as “Marine Radio Central”.

WA1WCC is commemorating the founding of RCA in a year-long celebration. Watch for WA1WCC/100RCA on the bands during 2019. Participants can request the RCA Special Event Certificate.

For additional information, visit


N1Y / USS Cassin Young 75th Anniversary Special Events Operation, October 20-21, 2018

USS Cassin Young/ WW2DDPi Pugh, K1RV, Mike Rioux, W1USN, along with other members of the USS Cassin Young Radio Club will activate the USS Cassin Young as N1Y from 0900-1600 ET at the Boston National Historical Park on October 20-21, 2018.

K1RV will be on CW using his KX3/KPA100 rig and one of the existing shipboard verticals.  CW operation will be primarily on 14.050 and 7.050 MHz. SSB operation will occur on 14.250 and 7.225 MHz.

This event is held in conjunction with the National Park Service and US Navy to recognize the 75th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Cassin Young DD 793, a World War II Fletcher-class destroyer, and the birthday of the United States Navy. The USS Cassin Young is located at the Boston National Historical Park (HP-04) in Charlestown, MA.

Titanic Marconi Club to Activate Stage Harbor Light for National Lighthouse Day, August 7, 2018

Stage Harbor LighthouseThe Titanic Marconi Memorial Radio Association Of Cape Cod (W1MGY) plans to operate from the Stage Harbor Light in Chatham during National Lighthouse Day on August 7, 2018, according to the club’s QRZ page.   “[Stage Harbor Light is] privately owned … we have received permission to operate from.”

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend, ILLW began  in 1998 as the Scottish Northern Lights Award sponsored by the Ayr Amateur Radio Group. ILLW is a popular Amateur Radio event that takes place on the third full weekend in August each year. It attracts over 500 lighthouse entries in over 40 countries.

W1NAS to Host Snow Goose Flight 60th Anniversary Special Event Operation, August 18, 2018

photo of Snow Goose blilmpThe Shea Naval Air Museum Amateur Radio Club (W1NAS) will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the flight of the blimp Snow Goose with a special event operation on Saturday, August 18, 2018, from 0900-1500 EDT.  They will operate on 14.250 and 7.250, but may change depending on band conditions.  The Snow Goose flew from NAS South Weymouth to Resolute Bay while the submarine USS Nautilus cruised under the polar ice cap. 

The Shea Naval Aviation Museum was formed by veterans who were stationed at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station.  The Shea Naval Aviation Museum Amateur Radio Club was born of out joint participation between the Museum and the K1USN Radio Club.  Its first club license was obtained in March, 2015, and the current call, W1NAS, was assigned on April 10, 2015.  The call sign “represents the use of the facility for more than 55 years as a U.S. Naval Air Station, first as a blimp base, and later as the home of numerous fixed-wing and rotary-wing squadrons.”

[See also:]

New England Wireless and Steam Museum Hours, Summer 2018

Massie Wireless Station "PJ"
Massie Wireless Station “PJ”

Looking for a great field trip for your family or radio club? The New England Wireless and Steam Museum in East Greenwich, Rhode Island will be open three Saturday mornings this summer from 9 AM til 12 noon, according to its website.  The museum bills itself as “an electrical and mechanical engineering museum emphasizing the beginnings of radio and steam power, and honoring engineers who achieved greatness and served the public good by analyzing and solving tough engineering problems.”

Visitors are welcome to come on June 16, July 21, and August 25 and tour the wireless and steam exhibits and the Massie Station.  Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for students, and free for children age 6 and under. Proceeds support museum programs. The museum staff invite advance notice but walk-ins are also welcome.

The radio exhibit features equipment from a variety of manufacturers, including: Atwater Kent, Marconi, RCA, Siemens Luftwaffe, and Westinghouse.

Special museum visits may be arranged on Thursdays between 9 AM and 12 noon. The New England Wireless and Steam Museum is entirely volunteer. “Our efforts are mainly directed to hosting scheduled groups such as school classes, engineering societies, club or association meetings.” 

The New England Wireless and Steam Museum is located at 1300 Frenchtown Rd, East Greenwich, Rhode Island.


Commemorative Marconi Radio Contact with Newfoundland Planned, May 31, 2018



Barbara Dugan, N1NS writes on May 29, 2018:


Contact is scheduled for 1145 local BOSTON time which is 1545 UTC time.

Sorry for my mistake. My iphone was giving me London time- wrong setting, needed UTC time. London is UTC plus 1.

Signal Hill, St. Johns, Newfoundland Canada, Marconi receiving site
Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland, the site where Marconi received the very first Transatlantic Wireless Message on December 12, 1901.

KM1CC signA two-way amateur radio contact with the Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs (SONRA) VO1AA in St. Johns, Canada is planned during the  upcoming visit of Princess Elettra Marconi to station KM1CC and the Cape Cod National Seashore on May 31, 2018. 

[See: Invitation to Meet and Greet Marconi’s daughter, Princess Elettra Marconi, May 31, 2018].

“Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland is where Guglielmo Marconi received the letter ‘S’ from his Poldhu Station in 1901 in the U.K. by flying a kite antenna,” according to Barbara Dugan, N1NS. Dugan is trustee of the Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club (KM1CC) and a National Park Service employee.

VO1AA and KM1CC  will try to make contact on 14.224 MHz USB +/- between 1645-1700 1545-1600 UTC.  “The Princess could be behind schedule, so we must be flexible,” adds N1NS.

Amateurs and SWLers are invited to listen on the frequency at those times for the commemorative QSO featuring the Princess. Chris Hillier, VO1IDX will serve as the net control so SONRA members can call in to the Princess.  Someone from KM1CC will stay on the air with VO1AA  should the Princess need to depart; afterwards, KM1CC will take calls from anyone who wishes to contact them in grid square FN51.

Their Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs Facebook page is at:

Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Distinguished Speaker Series, May 31, 2018

photo of Elettra MarconiThe Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Ed Fouhy Distinguished Speaker Series will feature, “History of Marconi Innovation on Cape Cod and in Italy” on May 31, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Monomoy Regional Middle School Auditorium, 425 Crowell Road, Chatham. The evening will feature four presenters along with special guest Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of the famous wireless pioneer Guglielmo Marconi.

See accompanying flyer for more information. 

[See also:  Invitation to Meet and Greet Marconi’s daughter, Princess Elettra Marconi, May 31, 2018]

Invitation to Meet and Greet Marconi’s daughter, Princess Elettra Marconi, May 31, 2018

Princess Elettra Marconi
​2014, Princess Elettra Marconi touching remains of her father’s South Wellfleet Wireless Station built in 1901. The station site is now part of Cape Cod National Seashore.

Barbara Dougan, N1NS writes:

Hello amateur radio operators and friends,

On May 31, 2018 at 10 am, you are invited to a meet and greet with Marconi’s daughter, Princess Elettra Marconi at Cape Cod National Seashore.  The plan is to arrive about 10 am and gather to stand along the entrance walkway when the Princess arrives about 10:30 am (or indoors if the weather is bad).

Location: Cape Cod National Seashore’s Headquarters Building
99 Marconi Site Rd, Wellfleet, MA  02667

Princess Marconi is now 86 years young, this may be one of her last visits to Cape Cod National Seashore.  I hope you will join us in welcoming her and honoring her father’s contributions to wireless.

After the meet and greet at the headquarters’ building (estimated 45 minutes), you are welcome to travel to the historic Marconi Site about 1 mile from the headquarters building. The Princess and her party will join us there.

There will be a photo shoot opportunity, but at this time I am not sure if it will be at the Headquarters building or at the historic station site or both.  

KM1CC/Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club and the Greater Orleans Amateur Radio Club plan to set up an HF radio station on the platform at the Wireless Station Site so the Princess can make a scheduled two way contact. Hopefully, this contact will be with the SONRA Club- Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs in St John’s Newfoundland, the site where Marconi received the letter “S” on December 12, 1901 from his Poldhu station.

No reservations required.  Please share this invitation on club websites or by email.

For more information contact Barbara Dougan N1NS/KM1CC trustee at

KM1CC QRV For International Marconi Day, April 21, 2018

KM1CC QSL card from 2003KM1CC will be on the air for International Marconi Day (IMD), April 21 0000 UTC-2359 UTC. IMD celebrates the role Guglielmo Marconi played in the invention of radio and is a 24-hour Amateur Radio event that is held annually to celebrate the birth of Marconi  April 25, 1874. The event is usually held on the Saturday closest to Marconi’s birthday. KM1CC represents Marconi ‘s1901 Wireless Station, South Wellfleet,  located in Cape Cod National Seashore, a unit of the US National Park Service.


Proposed Frequency plan +-

  • 15 M       21.360 SSB                        21.035 CW
  • 17M      18.160 SSB                          18.080 CW
  • 40M      7.130-7.260 SSB                 7.035 CW
  • 30 M                                                         10.110 CW
  • 20M      14.260 SSB                          14.035 CW
  • 80M      3.660-3.860 SSB                 3.535 CW
  • DMR     2 M Digital FM 4FSK     ID: 3125281     and maybe FT8

KM1CC’s IMD event operations are open to the public between 10 AM and 3 PM on April 21.  Our temporary location will be at 2 Ocean View Drive, Eastham, MA USA 02651  (FN51)

To QSL KM1CC an SASE is required from all USA stations; DX contacts may use the bureau.

KM1CC, Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club
Cape Cod National Seashore
99 Marconi Site Rd
Wellfleet MA 02667

The KM1CC QSL card measures 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches, so any larger envelope size works.

Please do not send KM1CC QSL card requests to N1NS, W1AA, K1VV, or K1RV.

Digital:  You may QSL via Logbook Of The World.

KM1CC FN51 Grid Square Operation, Jan. 18-19, 2018

Coast Guard Beach, Eastham, MA The Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club station, KM1CC will be activated from rare grid square FN51 on Cape Cod National Seashore on Jan. 18-19, 2018.

K1RV reports that he, N1NS, N1DC, N1VH and K1WCC along with others will be QRV on all of the HF bands using CW and SSB. Logs will be uploaded to Logbook Of The World. The operation will coincide with ARRL’s 2018 International Grid Square Chase.

KM1CC’s temporary location for the operation will be the Coast Guard Building on Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. Coast Guard Beach is often cited by “Dr. Beach” as one of the ten best beaches in the the USA. The station was built in 1936 for the US Coast Guard. It was used for shipwreck rescues- small boats were launched from the beach until helicopter rescues became the norm. The building’s ownership was transferred from the US Coast Guard to the National Park Service in the early 1950’s. It served as the first headquarters for Cape Cod National Seashore. It is now used as an education center.

–Thanks, “Pi” K1RV

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