Fox Box Hidden in Carlisle, March 21, 2020

John Salmi, KB1MGI, writes on NEMassFoxHunters list on March 21, 2020 at 1:04 PM:

I placed the 2-meter 146.565 Fox Box in Carlisle Mass. To activate press DTMF tone 2 for 2 seconds for 30 seconds on 30 seconds off for 15 minutes, repeat as needed.

If you want just a hint to narrow down the area of town Email me at

If you want the parking location to save you time also email me.

Update to All ARRL Members from Interim CEO Barry J. Shelly, N1VXY re COVID-19

Update from Interim CEO Barry J. Shelley, N1VXY

To ARRL Members

This message is to let our members know that the ARRL remains operational to meet the needs of our members during this Coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, we are taking steps to help protect the health and safety of ARRL Headquarters employees in line with the recommendations being provided by U.S. and Connecticut state health officials and governmental leaders.

We have arranged for many of our staff, depending on their job responsibilities and requirements, to work remotely during this unprecedented time. This helps the organization reduce the number of people in the building and improve our “social distancing” capabilities.

At the present time, all departments at ARRL Headquarters are functioning and customer service representatives remain available to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate department to assist you. During this period, though, we strongly encourage members to use email as the preferred method of communication with ARRL in order to get you the timeliest response possible.

In particular, the ARRL’s VEC Department has been dealing with a higher-than-normal volume of emails and phone calls, and the staff there asks for your patience while they attempt to answer everyone as quickly as possible. There has been some significant disruption to VE exam schedules, given the restrictions that have been placed on gatherings in many locales. As with our employees, the health and safety of our Volunteer Examiners is a top priority and we have informed our VEs that they need to follow their local community’s guidelines and then use their best judgement when deciding whether to conduct, postpone, or cancel an exam session.

As previously reported, we have suspended all visits and tours of ARRL Headquarters and W1AW, so we have asked all volunteers to stay home until further notice.

All of these actions will remain in place until further notice. We will continue to monitor conditions from this outbreak and follow any additional guidelines provided by federal and state health professionals and government officials. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Barry J. Shelley, N1VXY
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Zola Net Meets March 19, 2020

Matt Chao, N1IBB, writes on the Middlesex ARC mailing list:

Hi, Folks.  Hope none of you are getting cabin fever from being cooped up in your ham shacks.  Anyway, it’s that time of the week again – the Zola Net!  Check in tomorrow night  at 7:00pm on 147.36, with a PL of 67.0.  The purpose of the Net is to enable new and experienced hams the opportunity to participate in a controlled net environment.  Talk with you all tomorrow night.

HamSCI 2020 Workshop Retools as a Virtual Event

Phil Erickson, W1PJE, of Haystack Observatory in Massachusetts will speak on “Amateur digital mode based remote sensing: FT8 use as a radar signal of opportunity for ionospheric characterization.”
From ARRL Web:

03/17/2020 – Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the March 20 – 21 HamSCI Workhop will go on, moving to an all-digital webinar workshop. Registration and participation will be free and open to all, organizer and University of Scranton  professor Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF, said over the weekend. A tentative agenda has been posted. Participants may register online. The workshop will be presented using the Zoom webinar platform. Those planning to take part should visit the Zoom website, create a free account, and download the client software. Frissell encouraged participants to set up a Zoom account, so they can get familiar with the system.The theme of the 2020 workshop is “The Auroral Connection — How does the aurora affect amateur radio, and what can we learn about the aurora from radio techniques?” Oral presentations will be as originally scheduled and in the same format, as if they were being delivered at the in-person workshop. Instructions for the electronic poster session are now posted, Frissell said.

“There are some really good things that are coming out of this switch to an e-workshop format,” Frissell continued. “I think the best thing is that it will enable greater participation, especially from people who wanted to come but were unable to before.”

Frissell said Zoom has the necessary tools to run the workshop in a way that will allow large participation while still keeping things manageable. The system will allow up to 100 panelists to share video and audio, and at least 1,000 people to watch and actively participating by asking questions through a text chat system, he explained. Moderators will monitor the text chat system and relay questions to the presenters.

Frissell has had to scramble since the decision was made to call off the in-person event. “It’s taken us a few days to get this lined up, as Scranton’s IT department has just upgraded their contract with Zoom over the past couple days to enable this workshop and other events on campus,” he said.

The HamSCI workshop will include addresses by guest speakers, poster presentations, and demonstrations of instrumentation and software relevant to the theme. The workshop will serve as a team meeting for the HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station projectthat’s funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to Frissell. The project seeks to harness the power of a network of radio amateurs to better understand and measure the effects of weather in the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere.

Workshop speakers include Elizabeth MacDonald, the NASA researcher who founded and leads the Aurorasaurus citizen science project. James LaBelle, a professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth University and auroral radio physicist, will discuss radio signatures of the aurora. Phil Erickson, W1PJE, of Haystack Observatory in Massachusetts will speak on “Amateur digital mode based remote sensing: FT8 use as a radar signal of opportunity for ionospheric characterization.” David Hallidy, K2DH, a retired microwave engineer and well-known for his work in auroral mode propagation, will discuss his practical experiences of using the aurora for radio communication.

Contester and DX Engineering CEO Tim Duffy, K3LR, who was to be the banquet speaker, will talk on the topic, “Let’s Push the Exploration of the Ionosphere to the Next Level.”   


Packet Messaging on Eastern MA Hospital Net

John O’Neill, K1JRO, writes:

ANNOUNCEMENT: W1SSH is interested in including packet messaging as part of the monthly [Eastern MA Hospital] Net. For those participants capable of packet messaging on 2 meters this would entail sending and receiving a packet message to others so equipped. Due to its versatility, ease of use, and acceptance by many as the “standard” program of choice we would use Winlink (RMS) Express. If this is something you would be interested in also please let us know.

Also, we have Net Control openings for the first Saturday of the month for the remainder still available. April has already been claimed. There are only 8 left. If you would like to volunteer as Net Control please let us know. Claim your month now! Get them while they’re hot!

Stay safe, stay healthy, 
John O’ – K1JRO

Henniker, NH Flea Market Cancelled, March 22, 2020

Via the NEQRP mailing list:

From the CVRC website, posted Sunday, March 15th:

Governor Sununu has ordered all schools in New Hampshire closed until a reassessment some time around April 3rd. This, of course, means that our Flea Market is cancelled for the 22nd and rescheduling is uncertain at this time. We certainly look forward to seeing you at some time in the future, but at this time, we wish to have you all be safe and healthy.


Steve Jones,  CVRC Secretary,     N1JHJ

Dayton Hamvention Cancelled


03/15/2020 – For the first time in its 68-year history, Dayton Hamvention® will not take place this year, due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. The glum news was not entirely unexpected, given widespread cancelations of public gatherings and a national state of emergency. 

“The Hamvention Executive Committee has been monitoring the COVID19 pandemic. We have worked very closely with our local and state health departments. It is with a very heavy heart the Hamvention Executive Committee has decided to cancel Hamvention for this year,” Hamvention General Chair Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT, said in announcing the cancelation on March 15. “This decision is extremely difficult for us, but with around 2 months until the Great Gathering we felt this action necessary. More specific details regarding the closure will soon be posted. Thank you for your understanding in this time of international crisis.” [Full story]

Billerica EMA Radio Test, March 15, 2020

Kevin Fallon writes on the Billerica ARS mailing list on March 15, 2020, at 12:04 PM:

This afternoon Billerica Emergency Management will be conducting a radio test from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at some point between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. Time is a bit vague depending on when other tests conclude. Feel free to check in if you’d like. We’ll start on the Billerica repeater, .12

Thanks for the use of the repeater.
Kevin Fallon
Billerica Emergency Management


Fox Box Deployed in Westford, March 14, 2020

John Salmi, KB1MGI, writes on the NEMassFoxHunters list on March 14, 2020 at 10:08 AM:

I just placed out a 2 meter Fox Box in Westford on 146.565 Press DTMF tone two for 2 seconds for 15 minutes of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. To reset again press DTMF tone 2 again.

I’ll leave it out for a week or until the batteries die.

If you want to know the location to save time, Email me: KB1MGI55@Gmail,com.

CANCELLED: Swapfest at MIT, April & May

Flea at MIT signFrom

Posted: March 13, 2020
Under new rules from MIT’s Association of Student Activities, no student-organized events may be held for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. Therefore, the May 17, 2020 Swapfest is also cancelled.

Posted: March 9, 2020
Due to the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, new MIT policies prohibit the hosting of large public events until May 15. Therefore, we regret to inform the Swapfest community that the April 19, 2020 event is cancelled. Vendors who have purchased space for April’s flea (including season pass holders) are eligible for a refund or credit towards a future event. Vendors may contact with any questions.

Eastern MA amateur radio clubs’ response to COVID-19 threat

In order to assist affiliated clubs and other organizations who face important decisions regarding conducting activities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, your Eastern MA section staff have been in contact with club leaders regarding their plans. We present the following information to assist radio clubs and their members at:

Special thanks to Affiliated Club Coordinator Bruce Blain, K1BG, and Assistant Section Manager Phil Temples, K9HI.


BAA Marathon Postponed

March 13, 2020: The Boston Marathon has been rescheduled to Sept. 14 due to the new coronavirus, marking the first postponement in the race’s 124-year history. The Marathon had been scheduled for April 20.


March 12, 2020: One of Amateur Radio’s premiere public service events, the BAA “Boston” Marathon, will be postponed to September, according to WCVB Channel 5.


“Organizers of the 2020 Boston Marathon will postpone this year’s race amid concerns about COVID-19, sources tell 5 Investigates.

“The 124th running of the world’s oldest and most prestigious marathon was set for April 20, Patriots’ Day. Organizers are now looking to reschedule the event for September, although an exact date has not been determined, sources tell 5 Investigates.

“Legislators are talking about creating a special holiday in the fall in order to have the marathon be held on a holiday, WCVB has learned. The bill would be subject to the same approval process as other bills.

“The Boston Athletic Association had said it was working closely with state and local officials and would adhere to policies put forth by the Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

“The race has only been fully canceled or postponed once — in 1918, when a military relay race was held during World War I.”

[full story]

Falmouth ARA Technician Course Produces Five New Hams

Matthew Trott, KB1MLP, writes:

Ralph Swenson, N1YHS, and his crew did a great job teaching material to attendees at a recent Falmouth Amateur Radio Association Technician course.  All five passed the Sunday afternoon exam.  
The new hams are:
Brian Backlund, KC1MUC
Rob Campbell, KC1MUB
Daniel DiNardo, KC1MUA
Brian Johnson, KC1MTZ
Hunter Tobey, KC1MUD

Listen for them on the air and welcome them to ham radio and FARA.

K1USN Radio Club Closed for Next Two Weeks

“Pi” Pugh, K1RV, writes on the K1USN Radio Club mailing list:
Effective immediately, starting on Friday, March 13th the K1USN Radio Club will be closed and remain so for at least the next two weeks. This unfortunately will effect our regular monthly VE exam session scheduled for this Saturday, March 14. We hope to be able to announce the resumption of VE exams very soon.
We have all seen the escalating news broadcasts and health care announcements regarding the Covid – 19 Corona Virus. Given the close quarters of our club room as well as the average age of the majority of our members we have decided to remain closed.
An announcement will be issued during the next two weeks advising about any changes at K1USN.
Your support and understanding is appreciated.

Change of Venue: Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC Meeting, March 17, 2020

Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC logoRay Cord, K2TGX, writes on the SMH ARC mailing list:

This is to announce that due to restrictions imposed on Sturdy Memorial Hospital activities for outside groups because of the coronavirus we will be moving the club meeting scheduled for this coming Tuesday, March 17th. Thanks to Steve, N1LEO, and his brother for offering to host the meeting.

The new location will be Stone-E-Lea Golf Course Club House, 1411 County Street, Attleboro, MA. Times will remain the same: ARES EmComm meeting at 7:00PM, Business meeting at 8:00PM.

Hope to see you all there, bring your N-95 masks and hand sanitizer.

CANCELLED: Pentucket RA Meets on May 19, 2020

Pentucket Radio Association logoDavid Robertson, KD1NA, writes on the Pentucket RA mailing list:

Because of the Virus situation I feel we should cancel the coming PRA meeting that was to be held on the 19th of this month. Instead we should hold the next meeting on April 16th. This way we can discuss setting up for NEAR-Fest. I have ordered the early entry tickets.


Dave KD1NA

CANCELLED: Northeastern University Wireless Club Meetings

From the NUWC mailing list, March 12, 2020 at 4:59 PM:

This has been a very busy week for everyone. After the university elected to move classes online and recommended against large gatherings, we consulted with our faculty advisors and CSI to see what the best path moving forward is. Until further notice, we have decided to suspend our general meetings along with our workshop series with IEEE. The lab space will remain open for as long as academic buildings are open, but we discourage against group meetings. This is still a developing situation, and we will notify you as things change.

CANCELLED: North Shore RA Meets March 16, 2020

“We had made the decision [to cancel] last night and then this morning (March 13, 2020) we got notice from our meeting place PMLP cancelled all use of the auditorium until further notice.” -Rick, KB1LYJ


NSRA logoThe North Shore Radio Association will hold its next monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 16, 2020, in the Peabody Municipal Light Plant auditorium, 201 Warren St Extension, in Peabody  (talk-in 145.470 repeater).